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Knowledge in the hands of the evil-natured man

From Mathnawi by Jalaled-din Rumi Molavi, Book IV verses 1436-1452, here is a touch of the depth of Rumi Molavi. Although this verse was written almost 800 years ago, it has never lost its actuality. Within the Iranian context, these words sound as powerful today as they ever did.

To teach the evil-natured man knowledge and skill is to put a sword in the hand of a brigand.

It is better to put a sword in the hand of an intoxicated negro than that knowledge should come into the possession of a worthless person.

Knowledge and wealth and office and rank and fortune are a mischief in the hands of the evil-natured.

Therefore the Holy War was made obligatory on the true believers for this purpose, (namely) that they might take the spear-point from the hand of the madman.

His (the evil-natured man's) spirit is (like) the madman, and his body is (like) his (the madman's) sword; take away the sword from that wicked man!

How should a hundred lions inflict the shame which (high) office inflicts upon the ignorant?

His vice is hidden, (but) when he got the instrument (gained power), his snake, (coming out) from its hole, sped along the plain.

The entire plain is filled with snakes and scorpions when the ignorant man becomes king (master) of the bitter (harsh) decree.

The worthless person who acquires wealth and office has become the seeker of his own disgrace.

Either he behaves stingily and gives few presents, or he shows generosity and bestows (them) in the wrong place (unsuitably).

He puts the king in the house (square) of the pawn: the gifts which a fool makes are like this.

When authority falls into the hands of one who has lost the (right) way, he deems it to be a high position (jah), but (in reality) he has fallen into a pit (chah).

He does not know the way, (yet) he acts as a guide: his wicked spirit makes a world-conflagration.

When (one who is as) a child in the Way of (spiritual) poverty assumes the part of an Elder (Director of souls), the ghoul of unblessedness seizes those who follow (him).

"Come," says he, "for I will show thee the moon"; (yet) that impure one never saw the moon.

How wilt thou show (the moon) when during (all) thy life thou hast not seen even the reflexion of the moon on water, O half-baked dunce?

The foolish have become leaders, and from fear (of them) the wise have drawn their heads into the cloak.

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