Saturday, September 02, 2006
Protest Against Khatami's Speech at the WDC National Cathedral

SMCCDI (Urgent Action Call)
Sep 1, 2006, 17:50

Dear Iranians, Dear Freedom Lovers,

Once again, Mohamad Khatami has been called back to duty in order to rescue the corrupt and tyrannical Islamic Republic regime. In that line, the 'former' 'president' of the Islamic regime has set foot on American soil in order to participate in a demagoguery show titled "Dialogue among Civilizations".
The man, who has been one of the main masterminds of the backward Islamist ideology of "Monologue against the Iranian Civilization" and "Monologue against Humanist and Liberal Values", in general, is set to deliver a speech at a conference hosted by the "Center for Global Justice and Reconciliation". 

This masquerade is to take place at the Washington DC's "National Cathedral" on September 7, 2006 at 07:15 PM (local time).

In reality, the Islamic Republic and its leaders, including Khatami himself, have never believed in a real "dialogue among civilizations". Rather, they have been and are promoting an ideology of death, calling for the slavery of the Iranian people and the gradual Islamization of the free world! 

The Islamic regime's intelligence circles, helped by some of the very same naive or mercantilist foreign circles known since 1995, are seeking to influence the American and world opinion in order to reduce the current international pressure, at its highest level ever, and to extend the life of their miserable regime.
Khatami's trip, to the US, and his scheduled speeches are, without a doubt, more desperate propaganda tactics in order to buy more time for the ruling theocratic oligarchy. He intends, by showing a false image of the Islamic regime rather than its real dark and blooded nature, to spin the increasing fear of a war and to buy time for his falling regime for which he has been successively its Ministry of Propaganda and Ideology, Its head of Security Council and its PR President.

Iranians will always remember his eight years of Presidency and its dark records!!!
Eight years that Khatami used to deviate the International opinion from the increasing secularist and democratic aspirations of the Iranian People!!
Eight years that under cover of 'reforms" and 'seeking world stability', he covered up executions, murders and hidden nuclear activities!
Eight years that a naive foreign audience put their trust on the possibility of reforms from within an irrational and ideological political frame instead of empowering the Iranian People by shading moral support on it!
Eight years of demagogies and naive dreams with a sudden wake up call and reducing the window of action by a deceived Iranian People exasperated by over two decades of Islamist tyranny!
Eight years that could have brought Freedom and eliminated any long term prospect of any kind of war!!!

Dear Iranians, Dear Freedom Lovers,
Just as a reminder, in addition to many other human rights abuses that took place under his presidency, Khatami - qualified as "reformer" by some who are in a desperate search for a sort of temporary solution - had directly sanctioned the brutal repression of the 1999 Student Uprising, in which tens were killed and many others arrested and tortured.
It was the very same Khatami who, abusing the trust placed in him by the very same students that later he qualified as a "bunch of hooligans" and unleashed his brutal repressive forces against them.
Furthermore, tens of genuine activists, intellectuals and journalists were arrested, tortured or killed. One of the most known cases is that of a Canadian-Iranian photojournalist, Zahra Kazemi, who was brutally murdered in 2003 for taking photos of the Evin Prison, where thousands of political prisoners are detained in very bad living conditions.

We as Iranians who are struggling to save their countrymen and nation CANNOT stand idly by and watch while some naive or mercantilist circles are helping promote one of those responsible for our nation's suffering and plight!!

We cannot allow tyrants and terrorists to speak on behalf of our beloved homeland and oppressed countrymen!!
We have to make our voice heard loud and clear!!!!

Let us all together say a big NO to terrorists and tyrants dressed as "moderates" and "reformists" !!
Let us echo the Iranian people's outcry and aspirations!!
Let us all together make it clear that demagogues like Khatami DO NOT represent the Iranian people and nation!!
LET US ALL do it for OUR countrymen, families, OUR children and for the generations to come!

Be aware that the threat of a war will only be canceled if the door to demagogues is blocked and if the world shed its moral support on the Iranian People in order to free themselves!
Eight years of demagogies and the wake up call should serve as a good lesson on which path to choose

Hence, we call on all the freedom lovers to join us in a peaceful demonstration which will take place on "Thursday, September 7, 2006, beginning at 06:00 PM (local time) in front of the "Washington National Cathedral", located at:
3101 Wisconsin Ave. N.W. Washington, DC 20016-5098
Map Link:

Looking forward for your responsible participation.
United We Stand, Divided We Fall!!

The "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran" (SMCCDI)

Source: SMCCDI

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