Thursday, March 15, 2007
Rafsanjani off the hook... for now

Rafshanjani is off the hook... for now. Argentina asked Interpol to issue arrest warrants for a number of figures from the IRI nomenclatura for their involvement in the bombing of a jewish centre in Buenos Aires, more than a decade ago.

The Argentinian court ruled that the government of the IRI was involved in this terrorist act. For the moment Interpol refused to issue an arrest warrant for Rafsanjani, the pistachio farmer turned mullah/politician.

Possibly that Mr. Raf still has some credit with certain international powers that be, if only as a 'moderate' with whom 'a deal can be made' in case the atomic train really gets of the track. What happens to a train with no breaks, after all?  Not that Mr. Raf has not expressed his admiration for runaway trains in the past, by the way.

The fate of Mr. Raf will be decided upon in a separate procedure. He will have his own trial at the International Court of Justice, maybe in conjuction with his fellow crooks from the very beginning, the names everyone knows ... 

To be continued...  

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