Wednesday, December 01, 2004
60 or 70 million??

Monkeys are known for their ability to imitate. We have seen monkeys smoking, monkeys painting, monkeys cycling, monkeys mothering and what not. You show a monkey some act, and with a little persistance, it will copy you in moments.

From monkeys to humans requires only a very small step. We know that 98% of the DNA of humans and monkeys is exactly the same, but does that make humans monkeys, or vice versa? No, of course not, it is the 2 % that is crucial in making the difference. And what could it exactly be, this 2% that makes this difference? It must be the ability of humans to communicate on an eleaborate scale, the ability to make abstractions -have you ever seen a monkey writing a book that made sense?

So there are differences, at least most of the time. Do I say most of the time? Yes, that's right most of the time, because there are always human lookalikes that even try to outbid monkeys in their imitation act. What is the case: the Iranian democratic forces within and outside the country have expressed their wish for a referendum on the political future of Iran, to be held after the current gang has disappeared from the (crime-)scene. 

In yet another effort to confuse each and everyone -since confusion is the breeding ground for the abhorrent logic of Darkness- some of their monkeys have presented their immitation act and  announced their 60 million initiative, that calls for a referendum under the current regime of the IRI.

Closer scrutiny revealed the human lookalikeness of at least some of those that put their name under this initiative. Others most possibly were too sleepy to even notice. The office of the royal family quickly responded with a message that they have nothing to do with this act. King Reza Pahlavi Diba in his book 'Winds of Change' makes it clear that we have to get rid of this regime first, and then organize a referendum under international monitoring.

So, no wonder a storm of protest rose when their '60' plan was announced. Some quickly came up with a more close estimation of the situation: has the word!

So, now let's all resign and see if monkeys will be monkeys ...   

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