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Responsabilities of a succesful Transitional Government in Iran


At the request of Minuvash, I made a list of tasks that the transitional government of Iran should face, for it to be successful. I don't claim to completely deal with all tasks. Consider this a starting point from where we can move on and see if there are points missing, that can be added. Though we prioritised the tasks at hand, within a given section I did not make any priorities. That is to say, these tasks are more or less equally important.

What you can see is that almost all immediate tasks are focussing on control. Control over the means of any system to exert its authority over the country. Then, once these first tasks have been accomplished, we can afford to look further and create the circumstances for what we really want to achieve with this change of government and policies. Finally, we have to take care of the victims and the supporters of the current system in a civilised manner. There is not going to be a day of reckoning, but all crimes committed since 1979 will be dealt with.


   1   Declare a general state of emergency

  • In order for the transitional government to carry out its difficult tasks, it needs special authorities granted under a general state of emergency. Law enforcement possesses extended authorities compared to normal laws and regulations. The duration and nature of this state of emergency has to be announced to the public so that it is aware of the special circumstances and how long they will last.

   2   Maintain the territorial integrity of the country and secure control over the armed forces

  • The support of and control over the armed forces is imperative to secure the borders of the country and to prevent any third party from taking advantage of the situation. The armed forces secure the foundation of the transitional government

   3   Maintain law and order

  • The transitional government will be responsible for the maintenance of law and order under the new situation. Command of police forces is necessary, as well as neutralisation of the forces of old.

   4   Take control of the nuclear infrastructure

  • The nuclear infrastructure should be taken over as soon as possible. This includes all sites, known and unknown, where nuclear activity is taking place, as well as all staff and personnel working in this sector. All programs will be put on hold.

   5   Take control of the intelligence apparatuses

  • Self evident: all intelligence agencies will be scrutinised and staff arrested if necessary. Agents and their commanders will be held accountable for their acts

   6   Take over control of the prison system

  • Followed by the dismantling of the current system and the formation of a new prison system. Secure records and other relevant information

   7   Control the banking system

  • To prevent any capital flight and take control of money transactions in the country and abroad

   8   Secure control of the state media and communications services

  • State TV and radio will initially be the channel at the service of the transitional government to inform the people transparently about its activities etc. Internet services, as well as telephone, telegraph and satellite services will have to be in the control of the transitional government

   9   Take control of the oil industry

  • To secure the influx of foreign currency and at the same time to ease the anxieties of foreign investors, their respective governments and the oil companies.



  10   Initiate a constitutional gathering to draft a new constitution

  • The primary task of the Constitutional Gathering is to draft a new, democratic and secular constitution based on principles of human rights. The constitution should deal with: the separation of powers, the role of the government, the election process, the rights of the people, etc.

  11  Organise a free ballot and a referendum on the new constitution

  • The population will be given the opportunity to give its opinion on the new constitution in a free and fair referendum, with international observers (UN) present to overview the election process. The referendum should take place within 6 months or maximum a year after the erection of the Constitutional Gathering. Possibly a census needs to precede the referendum.

  12  Preserve financial stability and economic traffic

  • To prevent the collapse of the economy and to secure that normal economic traffic between citizens and between businesses will remain in place, the transitional government will have extraordinary powers to control and set prices, secure distribution of basic goods, etc.

  13  Maintain diplomatic affairs, both in the country (with foreign diplomats) and through the embassies abroad

  • The transitional government must secure its relations with foreign countries through its contacts with foreign diplomats in the country and through its embassies abroad. It is important that the foreign powers know what is going on in the country, what are the goals of the transitional government and how the transitional government wants to achieve those goals.

  14  Set up a new justice system

  • The old justice system needs to be replaced with a justice system that is modern, civilised and based on generally accepted notions of justice. All existing laws need to be reviewed and cleansed of references to shari'a law.

  15  Bring all Bonyads or foundations under control of the transitional government

  • The economy of the country to a great extend is being run through bonyads. This shadow system of money streams and ownership needs to be dismantled and brought under the control of the transitional government. Policies need to be developed on how to reallocate money and possessions formerly in the hands of the bonyads to the citizens of the country.

  16  Replace all political appointees in the current governmental structures

  • The entire political system that was, will be scrutinised and cleansed of the agents of the old system. Anyone in an official position will have to pay responsibility for his actions in the past decades. Possibly a special tribunal will have to be set up.

  17  Investigate fraud and embezzlement of state funds

  • A team of experts will investigate where the money went in the past decades. Financial crime will be dealt with in a thorough manner.

  18  Extend the new government to provinces and municipalities

  • The transitional government will have to be present in the whole country, which means that new provincial and municipal councils will have to be set up, in accordance with the new system.

  20  Control the distribution of food and basic necessities

  • The transitional government will have emergency powers to secure the distribution of food and other basic necessities.

  21  Re-establish international trade relations and reconsider any signed treaties since 1979

  • The transitional government will reconsider all treaties that the old system signed, and will declare its full co-operation with institutes like the IAEA. Furthermore, a treaty with Venezuela about the establishment of tractor factories and housing will be abandoned. Agreements with Hezbollah and Hamas will be abandoned, just as the payments to individual members of named organisations.


  22  Set up new curricula for the whole educational system

  • The entire educational system will be overhauled and new curricula will be set up. The education for all students will be based on the new constitution, and void of overt ideological values. Criteria for attending universities will be based on educational results, not on religious or ideological zeal.

  23  Organise a national reconciliation and the trial of those who committed serious crimes

  • Although all criminal activities of the old system must be judged, the aim of the new system will not be revenge. People have to move on. Therefor, a national reconciliation will have to be organised, as was done in South-Africa after the fall of the Apartheid regime. However, serious crimes committed under the old system will be dealt with in special tribunals.

  24  Setting up de-IRI programs for all those related to the IRI

  • The participants of the old system will be re-educated to make sure that the future generations will have a mindset that meets the principals of democracy, human rights and equal treatment of the sexes. Educational programs will be set up to guarantee that the fascist state of mind will be no longer present in society.

I repeat once more that this list does not claim to be complete. It is a first attempt to discover the areas that any future government has to cover in order to successfully establish a new system that is democratic and based on human rights. Possibly there are omissions, and I invite all readers to come up with points that I have missed. However, in my humble view, here are some points that can not be missed in setting up a new governmental system for Iran.

Neek Seresht,

September 2009





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