Monday, June 13, 2005
Fascism in Islamic countries

...This was how Iran's communists, socialists, social-democrats, democrats, liberals, etc., all rallied to the banner of Khomeini while claiming, and some of them even believing, that they were fighting for greater individual and public liberties.

In other words, in order to fight an authoritarian regime they handed their power to a fascist force led by a small group of mullahs and their non-clerical associates.

It was a sight to see: comical and tragic at once. Socialists, liberals, secularist democrats, etc., started growing beards, buying carnelian rosaries, and even conjuring a patch of piety on their foreheads. They started peppering their discourse with Koranic quotations, often with comical effects because there are many Arabic letters that Persians cannot pronounce, and made a point of making an appearance at the mosque at least on Fridays. High society ladies who used to fly to Paris to renew their wardrobes adopted the newly-fangled revolutionary headgear, invented by Imam Musa Sadr in the 1970s and inspired by the headgear of Christian nuns in Lebanon, and launched the fashion of organising "holy sofra" parties (5) in which they communicated with the Hidden Imam. ...

A very informative and enlightening article by Amir Taheri on Fascism in Islamic countries. This article is a must read for any person with a genuine interest in a democratic Iran and the Middle East as a whole. Amir Taheri is an independent Iranian journalist that presents his original points of view on the case of Iran already for a long time. On the website that presents this article there are much more articles by his hand.



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