Thursday, June 16, 2005
'Elections' in Iran

Read the announcement of the Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran (SCMCCDI) concerning the upcoming 'elections' in Iran. The SCMCCDI, like so many opposition organizations in Iran, calls for a boycott of the upcoming circus.  Of course the students are right with this act: even with a lot of goodwill one can classify the upcoming event as no more than a nomination, not an election. 

A genuine democracy -that guarantees a secret ballot and one (wo)man, one vote, the constitutional rights to elect and/or be elected, no vote rigging and/or buying, in short a society that respects itself and its citizens- is based on the confidence of the voters that know that their voice will be heard in the proces of political management of the nation, whatever it is they voted for.

Such self-respect can not only be traced in the voters themselves, it is also present in the structures and the foundations that carry a democratic society: from the way the police treats people that have been arrested and put in prison to the judicial system that is unbiased and bound by the law only -and not by the political leadership of the time. From the way the position of women in society is perceived to the curriculum that children follow in grammar school. All sociological structures of such a society are expressions of this genuine democratic nature and awareness, a basic sense of democracy is embedded in all facets of life of both citizens and institutions.

To make the choice for genuine democracy requires courage. Courage to give up a perceived security that comes with the absolutist rule of dictatorial leadership or religious creed. Courage to abandon the idea that everything is fixed and nothing can or should be done to promote change. It takes strength to realize that this fixation in absolutism -both on a personal and a national level- is counter-productive; besides, sooner or later one has to learn how to live with insecurities, they are the nature of life and can only be resolved as time moves on. As long as any sincere self-reflection is persistently blocked and prevented by the inherent structures of a rigid belief system -be it the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics or the IRI- such a system cannot be democratic, whether you call it People's democracy or Islamic democracy.

The leadership of the IRI, as also written in its constitution, is not elected. Presidential and parliamentary elections serve other purposes than in genuine democracies: in the IRI the person with the most power -according to its constitution- is not to be elected by popular vote. How could they? Why would they? The 'leader' is known to never make mistakes, so why put him to the test? Suppose a woman could become elected! Unthinkable! In short, the upcoming elections of june 17 can be no more than mere cosmetics. For real change, we need to put the ax at the root of the IRI, since the islamist fascists' tree will not bring forth any enjoyable fruits, let alone the sweet scent and taste of liberty.  

A system that has institutionalized discrimination against more than half of the population is doomed to fall in the 21st century. What more talk of democracy when women are not allowed to stand for office in elections? Who are these boys? Did they all forget about the mama that grew them up? This is grand insult!

Just like the way the mainstream media has already started to pre-cook its willing audiences for yet another charge in the WoT, thereby completely bypassing Iran and its own dynamics, history, culture, language and people. Once European politicians wake up from of their dreamy haziness and look into their own involvement and motives in this story of greed and deceit, and recognize the true aspirations of the Iranian nation, the lizzard will return to its hole before we know. For Iran and the Iranians important moments have arrived.
It is an insult too how easily some of the media can become accomplices in placing the focus where it should not be. The unquestioned attempts to reintroduce 'the old shark' as a 'reasonable' candidate for replacing 'Mr Smiling beard', the current official face, are an insult to anyone with the slightest sense of history. How about the Mykonos case and other criminal acts committed by the long time officials of the IRI?  For the time being the European public might be kept asleep.  The Iranian people, however, woke up and will not be fooled yet another time. They will vote with their shoes.   

For live updates on the situation in Iran check the live feeds on the Internet at these links:


   -  Minuvash Solar Radio 


   -  HAKHA-movement


Payandeh Iran


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