Entry: Dear members of the EU Parliament, Sunday, October 21, 2012

It has come to my attention that you are planning to visit the Islamic republic of Iran very soon. As you may know, in that country, at this very moment, a fierce battle rages between a freedom seeking nation and the forces of oppression. Oppression of everything that you -and Europe as a whole- stand for, or are supposed to stand for. In Iran, visiting dignitaries from abroad will be used against any opposition forces by the fascist leadership, as has been the practice for the past three decades. Whatever goals you may have to visit Iran, for the regime your presence alone will be sufficient. Because, anyone with the nerve to question the authority of the fascist regime in Iran will be told to shut up, since 'dignitaries from all over the world are standing in line to honour the Islamic republic with a visit.' I can only think that your intention to travel is the result of your naivety, with all respect. I do not want to think that you are actually going to Iran for your purse or that of your respective countries. That would be too gross. As a small reminder of the hospitality of the Islamic Republic of Iran, I enclose a link to a preview of a dramatised documentary that is made very recently about how people are being treated in Iran, once they fall into the hands of the people that you are going to meet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSlh4L_HIwE&feature=autofb Maybe I must remind you of the fact that not everyone is in the possession of a diplomatic passport. Visiting Iran at this moment is an affront to all the people who already gave their live in the struggle against oppression, and to all who are ready to die for the freedoms that you yourself already enjoy. What is needed right now, is to call back our ambassadors from Iran immediately, not visiting Iran and thereby showing your consent with what is going on. You were not elected to sell us to the fascists! If you have any political sense, you cancel this trip and you let the whole world know why. The reasons are self-evident: the people of Iran have sufficiently demonstrated that enough is enough. Ignoring the present situation in Iran, and acting according to the 'business as usual' approach that has stained Europe's policy towards the Islamic republic for the past thirty years, will bring you great shame and hunt you till your last breath. This is your moment to show moral courage. Seize it and you will be honoured for the rest of time. Ignore it, and you will show to the whole world what you are: a spineless, greedy politician, who failed when the moment to speak out presented itself. I wish you a lot of intelligence and courage, because you will be going to need it. Yours faithfully, Neek Seresht


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